A Little About Our Founder


Deidra finds cleaning out a drawer or organizing a closet as satifying as some of us feel about a bowl of tomato soup on a cold day.   Her natural desire to organize was enhanced during her time as an Executive Administrator in the United States Air Force, and then polished as she spent more than 15 years as a clinical director in a medical practice.  A graduate of Disney's Customer Service Program, her professionalism is top notch.

The natural progression to make this her lifes work was no surprise to anyone that knows her.   Her expert level experience at organizing spaces, managing schedules, and implementing processes through organization will help your business or household run more efficiently.  The life changing outcomes for her clients and their smiling faces says it all.

When she is not organizing, Deidra can be found with her two Chihuahaus, hiking in the beauty of Arizona, walking through the shops of Old Town Scottsdale, or enjoying time with family and friends.


Deidra has many personal passions and is active with local nonprofit organizations. She is also proficient in ASL American Sign Language.


Living Clean Both Inside and Out

Interested in "Living Clean"?   Modere products can change your life a line of items that are toxin free & environmentally safe.  Their inventory of household items, health and weight loss products as well as products for our dogs, cats and horses have all met very high standards and are manufactured in the United States.  Shopping from your newly organized living room, the products are delivered right  to your front door.   Click on the icon to the right.


Giving Back

We gladly donate your items to local charities.  This often makes the process of parting with your items much easier.   

Worthy charities we deliver to -



Dress For Success




The White Dove


My Kids



 Marisa!  You make me prouder everyday!  When you joined the Air Force, when you graduated college, and in the way you walk through life. 

Fletch and Madison


You make home perfect!