Home Organizing

" Deidra was an absolute life saver. She worked with my schedule and gave me great relief when we were moving into our new home over the holidays. She was kind, polite, gracious, and more importantly, did great, quality work. She was also patient with my three year olds who repeatedly engaged her while she was working.  Deidra entered chaos and brought order and calm to the areas on which she worked. I will ask for her help again in the future and absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for help getting organized."                     Michelle ~ Phoenix, AZ   


"Deidra was so amazing!! She came in and was so friendly and understanding, and helped me purge so much and arrange my computer workspace, my master closet ( which was a complete disaster) and my laundry room/storage area at the back of my kitchen.  I live in an 1050sf apt with my son and it feels so much bigger and open now it's really great! I would use her again and recommend her to anyone for any cleanup/organize project anytime!  Thank you Deidra!!! Fantastic job.... (You can see the pics of my place on her site )"     Nancy -  Chandler, AZ    


Office Organizing

"Deidra was amazing! She was very flexible to accommodate my schedule and we accomplished setting up my office together and I let her set up the laundry room herself with very little guidance. She is very timely and easy to work with. Next is the garage. Compared to some of the other quotes I received hers was the best value!"

Cynthia ~ Scottsdale, AZ     

 "Deidra was incredible. She has streamlined my workload by having everything at my finger tips! No more wondering where I filed something. Even my "need to get to pile" is organized, so I can prioritize easily.  I don't know how she did it, but I no longer need a new file cabinet! She has consolidated it all without making me get rid of things that I just may need sometime. And I even have empty space for new work! Amazing! I am now asking her to make my computer files more well-organized.  I can't believe I had thought I was organized. I was, but not in a way conducive to efficiency. I feel relaxed, less stressed and can't stop gazing at my desk with love instead of anxiety! Thank you Deidra Greyson!!!!"  Diana ~ Mesa, AZ   


Packing and Unpacking For A Move

"Working with Deidra has been super! She arrived right on time, responded to all of my messages and texts, has fair pricing and does great work. She’s super easy to work with and kept me calm in an otherwise overwhelming situation. Our garage sat unpacked for almost a year and she and her crew member came in and started the organization right away. I couldn’t believe how much we got done in a few short hours. I loved having her so much that I hired her to come back the next day! She also organized my husband’s unpacked office. If you need help getting unpacked and organized look no further, Deidra is the one to call. You’ll be so happy you did!"  Rebecca - Scottsdale

"Being handicapped, I am unable to do any of the packing or unpacking; they did it all. They protected my breakables and then putting them back in their display cases with care. They helped me organize my home the rest the way I use it. I was very pleased and highly recommend Organized by Greyson."      Cherylene ~ Chandler, AZ    

American Sign Language

"Deidra is a wonderful lady. She is very sweet and fantastic interpreter too. I love her so much. "                  Shelley - Ocean Deaf Club.  Lakehurst, NJ     2008